You will implement solutions that meet the needs of Human Resources, Payroll, Tax, and Finance. You don't need to spend hours identifying all the potential issues. We will help you identify your key issues and develop solutions that work for you.

You will make smart decisions and find the right balance of cost/benefit. You don't need to bury your head in the sand because the problem seems too complicated or the solution too expensive. We will help you make appropriate risk management decisions.

You will use technology wisely. We will analyze a variety of technology tools and help you select the one that works best for you.

 We develop a solution that balances the needs of different constituencies. A solution that works for Human Resources, but not for Corporate Tax, isn't really a solution. Our experience in Human Resources, Payroll, Tax, and Finance allows us to identify ancillary issues and bring these diverse functions together.

We communicate clearly. These are complicated areas and our goal is not to make you an expert, but to ensure you understand the key issues. And we don't hide behind code sections or technical jargon.

Our expertise and breadth of experience set us apart. All of our consultants have a minimum of 20 years of practice, as well as extensive Big 4 accounting firm experience.  We are a responsive, solution-focused firm that will help you leverage best practices, implement cross discipline solutions, translate technical requirements, and find the right balance of cost and benefit. We provide services to Fortune 10, small, mid-sized, and start-up companies.  We have been there … and done that. We know what works.

We are not tied to a specific technology solution or service delivery model. We do not charge the international accounting firm prices. And we know when to bring in other experts.

Now that you have a better idea about the results that you can expect by working with us along with our approach and philosophy of working with clients … learn more about our services and programs.

What are your challenging problems?

Our clients know they have a problem, but they don't understand all the issues and are struggling to develop workable solutions in an ever-changing global landscape. Their challenges are multi-disciplinary, frequently involving Human Resource, Corporate Tax, Legal, Finance, and Stock Administration. Our clients possess expertise in their functional area. The expertise they do not possess is how to put it all together and keep it up to date.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • We have chronic payroll issues. Every year we struggle to issue W-2s for our mobile employees and frequently have to prepare amended W-2s. How can we do it right the first time?
  • Our outside advisers have provided detailed tax and legal advice to ensure our global stock plans are compliant in other countries. But we don't have a clue about how to establish a workable process to meet these requirements. How can we reconcile the technical requirements with practical implementation issues?
  • We have a large mobile work force (assignees, permanent transfers, business travelers and remote workers) that participate in various stock plans. We don't have the technology to adequately track the movement of these employees and struggle to report the income to each appropriate country. How do we figure out how big the problem is and get our arms around it?
  • We have a problem accounting for the tax advances and hypothetical tax withholding for mobile employees. How do we get control of the accounting entries?
  • We need to select a new vendor. How can we make sure we make the right decision and don't get surprised?
  • We cannot keep up with the legislative alerts we get from various sources. There are a lot of them and sometimes the alerts conflict with each other. How do we know what is correct, what is relevant for us and what action we should take?
  • We are a multinational company but with limited budget, how can we comply with the reasons in a practical manner?

With Our Assistance, Our Clients:

>    Develop and implement sustainable solutions
>    Increase compliance
>    Implement efficient processes
>    Spend their money wisely
>    Be proactive

Our Values

>    We listen.
>    We are proactive.
>    We understand.
>    We are solutions oriented.
>    We are pragmatic.
>    We are cost-effective.
>    We build long-term relationships.
>    We have unquestioned integrity.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a start-up, we can help you develop practical solutions to your challenging problems. We have a solid record of success that proves our approach works. It can work for you as well.

To learn more about the issues facing our clients and how we help, call today: (650) 868-9282.

Our focus is to listen to you, understand your problems, and develop the solution that is right for you. We develop a solution that is appropriate for your demographics, your tolerance for risk, and your administrative capabilities. We focus on delivering value and building a long-term relationship. We want to make you successful and achieve your goals. Our focus is to be open and honest with our clients.

Practical Solutions to Challenging Problems

It can work for you, as well.

Expected Results

You will leverage the best practices of hundreds of companies. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Drawing on years of experience we will help you incorporate appropriate best practices in your policies, processes, and procedures.

Our Approach

We're going to be proactively responsive to your needs. We know different clients need different things — for some that means we are an integral member of your team; for others we are an expert you periodically consult. We are going listen to you and to develop a solution to fit your needs — not give you a canned response. And when appropriate, we are happy to introduce you to other service providers and help you effectively utilize them.